Grant and DeBolt

(Left to right) Plano City Attorney Tom Grant and Alderman Stephen DeBolt. ( photo by Mark Harrington)

Rental properties in the city of Plano are under scrutiny as aldermen attempt to remove eyesores, whether residential, business or industrial.

In the Plano City Council committee of the whole meeting on Monday, alderman Stephen DeBolt introduced ideas brought forth from the Building, Grounds, and Zoning Committee that he chairs.

Plano alderman Jamal Williams had this viewpoint.

Then DeBolt talked about using a rating system. But that brought this exchange between DeBolt, who speaks first, and Plano City Attorney Tom Grant, who countered.

When questioned by Williams, Plano’s Director of Building, Planning, and Zoning, Tom Karpus, provided the process his department uses.

In aldermen comments near the meeting’s conclusion, alderman Scott Mulliner rekindled the debate.

After the meeting, DeBolt said he would like to see a shorter process to get property owners to remediate city code violations. He said the city is looking at inside and outside deficiencies. DeBolt added that inside inspections are difficult if the resident or owner declines because the next step is a court action. ?

Also at the meeting, the council had consensus on the proposed adult-use marijuana local ordinance, setting a special meeting next Monday, December 16th at 6:00 p.m. at city hall for a possible final vote.

In addition, the council will discuss and provide consensus on the best option of two Metra Commuter Rail station locations at that special meeting.

Finally, the city’s new tax levy was lowered by a unanimous vote yet still captures new construction taxes.