Oswego Village Hall NEW

Two major issues affecting residents are up for discussion by the Oswego Village Board Tuesday night.

After four months of debate and study, village staff will present an ordinance for adult-use retail marijuana, expected to be a final village trustee vote. The agenda shows a store buffer of 250 feet from schools, churches, and parks.

In addition, zoning and police enforcement is on the cannabis docket. The village will look to add a three percent sales tax onto a 2.25 percent sales tax.? Retail sale will not be allowed in a 13-block downtown core. Oswego staff indicates the combined sales tax could generate $26,000 to $521,000 per year of new village revenue.

On-site smoking will not be allowed in retail stores, smoking lounges, or social clubs.

At the committee of the whole meeting, Oswego trustees will get a sneak preview of pedestrian and vehicle safety options on Washington Street through downtown.

Seven short-term and 11 long-term alternatives are listed in village documents. ?

More than 17,900 vehicles use Washington Street from Madison to Route 3, according to a July 2019 outside study. Ten to 15 pedestrians cross Washington Street in peak hours at Main and Adams streets.? Sixty-seven rear end crashes top the list of 127 accidents over a five-year period.

A second open house on the Washington Street safety issue is scheduled for Wednesday from 4:30 to 7:00 p.m. at the village hall.